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First Things, September 2017

August 23, 2017

I encourage all First Church members to attend an important congregational meeting on September 24. At this meeting we will take up a question that was held over from our June congregational meeting. The question is whether to authorize the Board to form a committee to work with a realtor to list our building for sale.

A “yes” vote at this time is not a vote to sell our building. A ‘yes” vote now would merely start a process that would likely unfold over the next year or so. If we eventually receive an offer on our building the congregation would vote again to accept or reject the offer.

Setting up this new “Property” committee, helps to keep our options open as we explore together the best way forward for our church. The Stay in Place committee is currently looking at options to remain in our current building. The Seek and Find committee is currently looking at what kinds of spaces and locations in the city best meet our needs.

All three committees work together with the same goal: create a plan that will generate sufficient sustainable income to support our mission now and into the future.

Creating a plan, choosing our best option, and making it successful requires the cooperation and good will of our entire spiritual community. We need you with us.

(This meeting was rescheduled. The Board moved the meeting date to September 24 to avoid a conflict with a rally and parade that will close numerous streets in the MacArthur park area on September 17. Our congregational meeting will be on September 24 immediately following worship.)

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