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First Things, August 2017

July 27, 2017

After our July rest, we now look toward the work of the new church year, beginning on September 10. In worship we will explore spiritual practices and goals. For the church institution, we will continue to work toward a future with sufficient sustainable income to fund all that we love about our church.

The way forward, in my opinion, is to convert the physical asset of our property into an endowment. We could then use the substantial interest we would receive from the endowment to fund our church in a location we would choose together.

Sadly, this plan would result in the loss of our current building. If we make this decision, our congregation will need sensitive care as we mourn together our substantial loss. But this plan would allow us to finally put our church on sustainable financial footing after decades of deficits. Our community, our programs, our mission, could thrive without the burden of our money worries. Mingled with the heartbreak over this big decision would be, for me, a welcome sense of relief.

As we approach the September 17 congregational meeting, where, I hope, we will vote to authorize the Property Committee and begin to explore this plan more thoroughly, I encourage you to take advantage of numerous opportunities to discuss ideas, to share feelings, and to practice the spiritual arts of grace, generosity, and trust.

Look in this newsletter for announcements of an open meeting, a Chalice Circle and a Community Altar. The Stay in Place and Seek and Find committees welcome your input. And I am always eager to hear any thoughts or feelings you’d like to share with me.

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