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First Things, July 2017

July 7, 2017

First Church operates on a year-round schedule. We worship 52 weeks a year. I spread my vacation time throughout the year instead of taking all of July and August, as some ministers do. Spiritual needs don’t stop over the summer. Our members still need fellowship and caring community and a regular opportunity to connect with the transcendent. And new folks continue to look for a church to join. We need to be here with a welcoming smile whenever they appear.

But there is a different feeling in the church over the summer. We follow the rhythm of the seasons in our liturgical calendar. And summer, for the spirit, is about resting, stillness, and quiet. Our choir takes a summer break. Our Board of Trustees skips one of their monthly meetings. Our Intern is off until September. I schedule adult religious education classes for the fall, winter, and spring, but not the summer.

We had a busy church year. We thought hard about the future of the church. We researched and brainstormed. We talked and questioned and commiserated. There is still much work to do. We always knew that the congregational meeting in June would only be one step on a long journey. We will pick that work up again in the fall. Please mark your calendars for a follow-up congregational meeting on September 17.

And then, once you’ve done that (you did mark your calendar, right?) spend the summer doing what you need to do for you. Maybe that’s more work. Or maybe it’s taking a break. Taking a long walk. Reading a long book. And coming to church for worship and community. I’ll see you soon.

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