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First Things, May 2017

May 2, 2017

At the end of April, your church Board approved the agenda for our June 4 congregational meeting. The agenda is printed in this newsletter. Item 8 on the agenda concerns the revision to the long-range plan that First Church members have been discussing since last Fall.

At the meeting, the Board will ask the congregation to create three committees. One committee would continue to search for creative solutions that would allow the church to stay in our current building. A second committee would begin a process that might lead to selling our building in a year or so. The third committee would identify possibilities for where we might go if we eventually decide to move.

I love our building, but it doesn’t serve us very well. It’s way too big for us. And the space we don’t use doesn’t generate sufficient income to pay for the extra staff and repair and maintenance a big old building requires.

Instead, I’m excited about the possibility of finding a new location that’s right for our congregation today and for our future. Where do we need to be to do what our faith calls us to do?

In 1926 our congregation owned a building at 925 S. Flower in downtown Los Angeles. They decided that their old building no longer met their needs and they made the difficult decision to sell, to move, and to build a new building. We’ve enjoyed and taken care of that building for 90 years.

Now it’s time for us to make an equally bold decision. The healthy future of this church depends not on holding on to the past but tenderly letting go and courageously stepping forward.

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