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First Things, December 2015

December 4, 2015
In the last two months First Church has been fortunate to welcome 10 new members. This is a good opportunity to remind us of the meaning of membership in a spiritual community.

A member participates in the community from the inside. A member doesn’t come to the church just to receive, but also to give. A member helps create the ministry the church offers to others. In a Unitarian Universalist church a member is a legal owner of the congregation and is responsible for honoring the legacy and guiding the future of the church.

A member contributes in three specific ways: time, talent, and treasure.

“Time” means that a member shows up at church events. We see you at worship and other events. You are part of the life of the community.

“Talent” means that a member works for the community. You come early on Sunday to set up the altar, or volunteer as a greeter. You give expert advice when the church has a special need. You serve on the board.

“Treasure” means that members support the church financially. Members understand that giving generously to the church is an expression of how deeply they enter into the shared goals of the church.

How much Time, Talent, and Treasure you give is up to you. Any, or all, of the three can be waived if circumstances prevent you from giving (just write a note to the minister).

If you think you’re ready to join the church as a member, we would love to have you. Fill out an Intent form with the membership team and they will start the process.

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