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First Things, September 2015

September 1, 2015

Our new church year begins September 13 with our Ingathering service. I hope many of you will be there because we have some very exciting news to share. It’s a secret until then. And it’s just for the people who come to church – not for the newsletter.

At our Ingathering service I will kick off a new annual theme to organize our worship from now through June. This year we will look at Spirituality in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Mind is the subject for the fall. I will talk about religious doctrine, the “big questions” of theology, the use of reason in religion, and also the limits of reason.

In the Winter we will turn to the parts of theology that are experienced through the body. The relationship of physical health to spiritual health. The physical needs of food and housing and healthcare that we address through social justice work. The limits of our bodies, and the final limitation of death.

In spring we turn to discussion of spirit: the feeling quality of spirituality. The spiritual emotions of joy, passion, courage, and righteous anger.

This will be our first full year with Ryan Humphrey as our Director of Music and DeReau Farrar as our Choir Director. This year we’re relying on lay preaching from members of the congregation on Sundays when I’m off, which will give us a chance to get to know each other more intimately. We will continue to have lunch prepared for us every week. And our UULAMOR Group will host afternoon forums every other month.

Make a commitment to enjoy your Sundays at First Church.

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