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First Things, May 2015

May 1, 2015

We have officially started construction on the classrooms for the Caroline Severance School. So far the contractor has been preparing the space. More visible construction should start later this month. Construction should be complete in early July.

It will take a few more months after July before the YMCA preschool can move into the new classrooms. The space must be approved by a state inspector. It’s impossible to predict everything that the state will require, so we expect that some modifications will be required. Once we’ve made the modifications there will be a second round of inspections. Our best estimate is that the licensing process will take a couple of months, and the YMCA preschool will move into the new classrooms sometime in September.

Once the school moves, the current rooms in the church, Channing Hall and the Severance Room, will become available for the church to use for programs and for additional rental income. The Building and Grounds Committee has submitted a budget request for money to refurbish those two rooms. After several years of housing the preschool we will need to paint the walls, replace the carpet, buy some furniture, and make other improvements.

I’m especially looking forward to using our Severance Room again. It’s a big room with a large fireplace. It would be perfect for large meetings by community groups and social events for church members. I’d also love to see us use this space as an art gallery showing local artists, and art based on social justice themes or reflecting the diverse cultures in our neighborhood.

What would you like to see?

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