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First Things, March 2015

February 27, 2015

First Church has set an ambitious goal of growing to 120 members. That’s about double the number we have currently.

How do we do that?

There is no magic trick to membership growth. Most churches want to grow. And most churches struggle to grow. But here are some things that I know will help.

Intentionally say hello to every visitor after the service. Think of this as your job. Be friendly. Be welcoming. Be positive. Be curious about the visitor as you speak to them, but not pressuring. Share your story, briefly, then ask them to share their story.

Arrive at church early. If you were going to visit a strange place for the first time you’d get there early – so do visitors. When our members don’t arrive until right at 11 the visitors spend the first part of their morning standing around feeling uncomfortable. Come 15 minutes early with the intention of welcoming visitors as they arrive. Talk to the Membership Team about how you can volunteer to be a Greeter once a month.

Follow-up with a visitor later in the week. Visitors want to feel that they were noticed and valued. If you made a connection with someone new after the service, why not send them a postcard or an e-mail note during the week? Let the Membership Team know you’d like to do this and they will help you get the contact information and write an appropriate message. The church already sends an official response, but a personal note would be even better.

One hundred twenty members is an ambitious goal, but it’s achievable, if we all help.

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