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First Things, February 2015

February 1, 2015

First Church is working on several big projects currently. These are the same big projects we’ve been working on for months–or even longer in some cases:

We’re applying for a Zoning Variance and a Café and Entertainment Show License so we can increase the use of our Fritchman Auditorium as a concert venue.

We are finalizing the financing of the Caroline Severance School project so we can begin construction.

We are raising money for the Courtyard Rejuvenation project.

We are (still!) waiting to open the underground parking next door to the church.

In all these projects there is much to be done. But there is also quite a bit of “nothing to be done” as we wait for other parts of the process to happen. Sometimes all you can do is wait.

I’m reminded of a parable about a farmer who worried that his corn wasn’t growing fast enough. In fact his corn was doing worse than the corn belonging to other farmers in the area. The farmer spent all day in his field pulling on the corn stalks to get them to grow faster. The other farmers left their crops alone to grow at their own pace.

Sometimes I’m tempted to “pull” on the work at the church. I get impatient. I want the parking lot open now! It’s frustrating. But it’s not always up to me. And working harder won’t make it grow faster.

The winter season is a good time to learn the lesson of waiting. There are seasons of growing, working, harvesting, and resting. When it’s time to rest, rest is what we should do.

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