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First Things, January 2015

January 1, 2015

In my report at our congregational meeting in December, I mentioned a few large jobs that our church needs done. The most important is that we place ads on Craigslist for the upstairs rooms and offices we need to rent. Kevin Smith volunteered for that job but could use a helper.

Next most important is to welcome Sunday morning visitors to make sure they have a good experience at our church. We should also follow up with visitors and invite them to other church activities.

We need more people who will help the Membership Team stay in touch with our members. Sometimes church members stop coming because they are going through a tough time and would really appreciate a phone call, a card, a visit, or some other kind of assistance.

Here are some smaller jobs the church also needs done:

  • Come early on Sunday morning and set up the altar to reflect the theme of the day.
  • Create attractive banners for our worship space that ask the three spiritual questions, Who am I? What should I do? And Why does it matter?
  • Co-lead a campus ministry group for UU students at USC.
  • Organize the church library (our great collection of books on spirituality, politics, and folk music) in the Hille Room.
  • Catalog choir music; create a database.
  • Preserve the church’s history.
  • Take photos of all the church members for the church directory.
  • Be on the board of Urban Partners LA.

The church depends on a lot of folks doing a lot of different jobs, large and small. How can you help?

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