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First Things, September 2014

September 9, 2014

It was pretty exciting to see an article about First Church on the cover of the UU World magazine for the fall issue.

I love the idea that Unitarian Universalists around the country will learn about our church and the great work we’re doing. I’m so proud of this church.

I’m glad the author of the article had a chance to interview Ann Maupin. Ann has a wonderful point of view, as an eye-witness to our history. Ann said of the church then, just like the church now, “That’s why a lot of people came there. It was a place that sheltered them and gave them a community. There were people so excited and happy about what they were doing, and it was very impressive. It became my second family.”

I especially like the way the article told the history of First Church in a way that shows how the historical character of the church is still alive in us today.

Circumstances have changed. The neighborhood around the church has changed. The country and the world has changed. The church itself has changed. But in our spirit we are the same.

Whether we are suing the government or handing out groceries to our neighbors, or advocating at City Hall for a living wage, First Church is working so that all people are able to express their individual gifts with freedom, and connect with other others in love.

Those two things: individuality and connection, freedom and love, are the core of spirituality. That is what we are about. That is what we always have worked for, and always will.

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