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First Things, June 2014

June 9, 2014

First Church is in the midst of an extraordinarily busy time.

Earlier this year we saw the conclusion of several projects that the church had been working on for years. But instead of the end of that work leading to a time of rest, the end of that work has led to launching new projects.

We opened the Caroline Severance Manor. But we now need to complete construction of the child care center. This requires raising a large amount of money and also hiring a contractor. Likewise, the underground parking is finished but can’t open until we resolve issues of security and ownership. (See the article inside this newsletter.)

We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Spirit Level Foundation to do badly-needed work renovating our courtyard. But it’s a matching grant, so we need to raise the rest of the money and then move on to the work of construction.

With the Spaceland concerts, Fritchman Auditorium is becoming established as a regular Los Angeles concert venue. But that initial work now leads to the work of securing permits and licenses required by the City for an established concert venue and also installing sound, lights, and projection equipment.

The birth of a child leads to the work of raising the child. Achieving one social justice goal reveals the next place our justice work is required. Peace is never won, but must be eternally defended against the forces of hate and violence. This is the way of the spiritual work of the world. There is no finality, ever, but always a constant opening into the next, new experience.

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