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First Things July 2013

July 16, 2013

From the end of June through the first week of July, I’ll take a vacation to Colorado and Utah.  In Colorado I’ll spend a few days at a family reunion, celebrating my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary (wow!).  And then, for the next week, I’ll tour the National Parks of Utah and do some hiking with my best friend.

We’ve had a long, good year at the church.  And although First Church doesn’t shut down over the summer, we do honor the summer season with a change of rhythm.  It gets a little slower around here, a little more relaxed.  I continue to preach in July and August, but I emphasize themes of Sabbath and spiritual rest.  And I encourage you to take time for yourself.

We don’t need to go full throttle every day of the year.  Our bodies and spirits need time to step back, recover, and prepare, before we work again.  Spiritual goals are different from business goals.  Our spirits don’t need to produce or achieve.  Our faith seeks to explore, and discover, which may require quiet and stillness, not striving.  Growing a soul isn’t the same as growing a business.

After a year of working on the “business” of the church (the Caroline Severance Manor, building maintenance, the budget), I’m looking forward to a year of worship, and religious education, social justice, meals together and discussions, and just hanging out with my spiritual community.  Growing our bonds of community also requires work.  A fellowship year will also require creativity, and commitment, and energy.  So rest well this summer.  And come September we’ll get to work.

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