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First Things May 2013

May 8, 2013

On April 14 we had our Stewardship Sunday. At the end of the service we handed out Pledge Cards. Contact Arline Dillman or Walter Roessner if you

need a pledge card. The church needs you to give generously. And you need to give enough so that you feel invested in the church, responsible for what we do, and personally proud of what we accomplish together.

But Stewardship is more than just filling out a pledge card and writing your checks each month. There are two more ways your help could make a big difference to the church.

Membership Growth
We need your help in adding more members. Our vision is to have a church membership about twice as large as we are now. You can help by inviting your friends to come to church with you. And most importantly, when you see visitors at church make them feel welcome. Be friendly and kind. Treat visitors with respect and courtesy. Be charming. Tell them the church story in a positive and exciting way, but also listen to their story. See if you can find out how the church could be helpful to them.

Rental Income
First Church is blessed with a large building. Most of our income comes from people who rent our rooms. We need your help in finding rent-paying tenants for all of the available rooms and offices on the second and third floor. Do you know of a non-profit organization that needs an office? Tell them about the church, arrange a visit to see the rooms, or ask them to call the church office.

Let’s work together to make our church all that it can be.

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