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First Things February 2013

February 1, 2013

On January 12 about 60 UU clergy and lay people in the Los Angeles area came together for a day-long workshop on the theme of creating effective worship in our churches. I was part of the leadership team for the day. Three members of First Church attended.

In the morning, I presented a lecture on the goal of Unitarian Universalist worship.  In the afternoon I co-led two breakout groups about the use of visual elements and music in worship.

The First Church members who attended the workshop, plus a few others, have now come together to work with me on re-imagining worship at our church.  The Worship Team is already talking about changes to the liturgy, changes to the worship space, and general changes to the energy and content of what we do together on Sunday mornings.

I’m so excited to start this work with such a great group of people.  We are talking about changing the culture of worship at First Church, and cultural change can’t come from just one person; it comes from a rising tide:  a tide I’m feeling now.

Some changes we will make right away.  Others will take longer.  While we work new ideas will come up, while other experiments will turn out to be missteps that we will undo.

I hope that all of us will come to worship in the next several months with a sense of excitement and anticipation, a willingness to try something new, maybe to be a little uncomfortable, and to think seriously about how our church can be more effective in meeting the spiritual goals of our members and visitors.

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