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First Things January 2013

January 1, 2013

Religions examine the world and then identify a spiritual problem.  Next, religion presents a cause for our spiritual problem.  Then religion proposes a solution for our problem.  And finally, because the solution is never simple, there is a religious plan to offer hope and encouragement as we do the work of solving the problem.

Here is my idea of how Unitarian Universalism sees the world problem, cause, solution, and plan:

Problem:  The spiritual problem of our world is injustice.  Injustice prevents people (and all forms of life) from fully expressing our unique selves and sharing our personal gifts with the world.  Injustice results in lives of poverty, pain and fear.

Cause:  Injustice is caused by human beings making bad choices.  Some bad choices are deliberate, others are merely careless.  Injustice is not natural; it is a human creation.  Injustice arises when we create social structures based on selfish values that put personal pleasure and short-term gain above community and sustainability.

Solution:  We can make a just society by making better choices.  New, good, choices can replace unhealthy social systems with healthy ones.  By following good values such as equality, compassion, and interdependence, we can change an oppressive, exploitive society, into a society where everyone can fully participate.

Plan:  The role of the Unitarian Universalist faith is to help people affirm good values and to make choices in line with those values.  Our work for ourselves (in worship, education, fellowship) and our service to others (in neighborhood programs and social justice) affirms that human beings are good enough, smart enough, and strong enough to create a world of justice for all.

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