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First Things October 2012

December 18, 2012

A new visitor to a church sees things that older members no longer notice.  And because an old member loves many things about the church (otherwise they wouldn’t hang around) old members start to ignore problems areas at the church that turn off visitors.


I’ve been your minister for almost four years.  I’m not new here, but I try to retain that new perspective.  You can, too.  Ask yourself:  If this were my first visit to First Church, what would I see?  What would I feel?  What kinds of programs would I like to see at the church if I were visiting for the first time?


Here are some items on my wish list:


A beautiful meditation garden in the courtyard.

Water in the fountain.

Maybe a “vertical garden” on the east wall of Fritchman.

Comfortable places to relax.

Shrines to important world religious and social justice leaders.

Bike racks.

A beautiful church office.

New carpet. New paint.

A welcoming place for visitors.

Movie nights in Fritchman Auditorium.

A clean and safe balcony.

Restored bathrooms on the balcony level.

A Sunday school packed with children.An active Social Justice ministry.

Worship that is engaging, and multicultural, and fun.

All three fireplaces working in the Severance Room, the Choir Room, and the Fireside Room.

Language classes to improve our bilingual skills.

Our kitchen remodeled to “commercial” standards and a cook making lunches for sale every Sunday.

Framed displays in the Fritchman lobby that tell the story of our powerful history and exciting future to our visitors.


Not everything we dream can come true.  But nothing will come true until we dream it.

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