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First Things November 2012

December 18, 2012

One of my jobs as your minister is to constantly ask the question, “Where are we going?”  What do I see for the future of our church?


I see a larger congregation.  Maybe 120 members.  Maybe 150.  I see a very attractive church that people will want to join.  But I also know that fewer people are joining churches these days.  And I know that there are other ways to measure a successful church than by counting members.


A major part of our ministry will be services that we provide to people who are not members of the church.  We will add to the programs we already offer:  food, exercise, and education, so that our neighbors will use the church for an entire spectrum of basic needs and life skills.  These programs will be operated by the Urban Ministry (under a new name) but under the mission of First Church.


A major part of our income will come from renters.  We will have parties in Channing.  Our permanent tenants on the second and third floor will work together under the name “The Justice Center.”  The YMCA preschool will move into our childcare center in Caroline Severance Manor.


Fritchman Auditorium will be well known in Los Angeles as a venue for concerts and movies.


Sunday worship will be spirit-filled, and multicultural, and include much more music and art and ritual.


And our church will support several satellite congregations:  at USC; maybe Hollywood, Culver City, and maybe online.


That’s the church I hope to serve in a few years.  And that’s the church I hope to create with you starting now.

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