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First Things August 2012

December 18, 2012

Summer is a slow season in the church. We’re between the end of one church year and the beginning of the next.


In July our spiritual focus is on stopping. We need to put a deliberate end on the work of last year. Celebrate, learn, and let go. July is about literal vacations, and spiritual vacating. The energy movement is downward into peace and stillness.


In August the church is still in vacation mode.  And it’s important we take all the vacation we need.  But in August our vision shifts toward looking forward instead of looking back.  We don’t actually begin the work of the next church year until September.  But where July was winding down, August is winding up.  August is about setting the vision, planning, preparing, gathering resources and making ready.


One of the big projects for our coming church year is to re-invigorate an organization called the Urban Ministry. For 20 years the Urban Ministry has supported many of First Church’s neighborhood programs, like the Saturday food distribution and the aerobics classes. Now we want to recruit new members for an Urban Ministry Board that will report to our church Board, raise money to create more programs and hire new staff, and use the Urban Ministry structure to bring all of our several neighborhood programs under a single vision of ministry.


This month we’re still in the visioning and preparing stage. Setting the plan in motion will start in September. But I’m already excited and need to remind myself that resting before and after work is also part of the work and helps make the work a success.

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