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First Things July 2012

July 2, 2012

Rev. Rick Hoyt


In the space of a week, at the end of May and the beginning of June, First Church reached three extremely significant landmarks.

We closed the deal with Mercy Housing on the Caroline Severance Manor.  The check is in the bank.  Benchmark Contractors have begun construction.


We hosted SpaceLand Productions for a concert in Fritchman Auditorium marking the first use of the space for this purpose and launching a new program for the church to raise money, increase church visibility, position the church as a place where Los Angeles comes to hang out, and further our UU values.


The church called a settled minister.


I don’t mean to brag about that last point.  It’s not about me.


The church has not had a full time, settled minister who served the Church for more than a few years in over 20 years.  That I’m here full time, have been here for over three years, and plan to stay for the next 20 or so, is a proud achievement for the church.  Now that the leadership question is resolved we’ll be able to shift our focus to the vision we want to accomplish together.  And knowing that your minister will be around long enough to see a big project through to the end, means that our vision and strategy can stay consistent for as long as it takes.


I’m really excited about all three of the achievements listed above.  The first two were goals I set for myself shortly after starting work here.  The third is an achievement that may become the proudest moment in my career.


Thank you.


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