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First Things

June 1, 2012

Rev. Rick Hoyt


Wow.  We had an eventful year.

We ordained Tera Little.  We completely replaced our 85-year old roof.  We remodeled two bathrooms, increasing the number of toilets and sinks and making them both wheelchair accessible for the first time.  We hosted the Encuentro last October, and a neighborhood resource fair.  We moved the YMCA Preschool into the church and learned how to tear-down and set-up the school every weekend.  We fretted about the deal with Mercy Housing and we suffered a cash flow crisis caused by the delay in the deal, and a $20,000 check fraud incident.

And last month we hosted an awesome District Assembly.

Still to come is our first music program in Fritchman Auditorium with SpaceLand Productions, the vote whether to call me as your minister on June 3, and we’re still waiting (still!) for the final closing of the deal with Mercy Housing.

Next year will be a very different year, with a very different set of events and activities.

Later this month we will see the demolition of the Hardyman Center, our 50-year old Religious Education Center, coming down to make way for the Caroline Severance Manor.  And then for the rest of the year, and all of 2013 we will watch the new building go up.  There will be major and minor inconveniences, a lot of excitement, and hopefully not too many delays.

Once again we will test our spiritual health.  Patience.  Optimism.  Gratitude.  Flexibility.  Community.  Pride.

The construction of the Caroline Severance Manor will be a landmark point in the history of First Church.  How amazing it is to live through it.

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